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This year the National Drug Council and Hurley’s Media are proud to be combining the Purple Ribbon Pledge (PRP), Designated Driver (DD), and Purple Ribbon Bus (PRB) campaigns together to help keep the roads of Cayman safe over the holiday season!


  • Starting mid-November, Hurley’s Media will launch the annual 6-week Purple Ribbon Pledge (PRP) campaign which focuses on encouraging drivers to take a pledge not to drink and drive over the holidays.  Drivers can pledge by collecting a Purple Ribbon car magnet and placing it on their vehicle throughout the holiday season. 


  • The Designated Driver Campaign (DD) runs from 1st December through to the 31st and has the full support of local bars, restaurants and clubs across the island who contribute to playing a key role.  DD is simple, anyone who identifies themselves as the Designated Driver will receive a blue wristband and complimentary soft-drinks in exchange for their designated driver’ status. 


  • The New Year’s Eve Purple Ribbon Bus (PRB) service runs on December 31st and is FREE to both residents and visitors between the hours of 9 pm and 4 am with routes servicing all districts on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.  Riding the bus is easy; just wait outside of any major restaurant/bar or bus stop along the route, look for a bus with purple flashing lights and reflective signage, check that the bus is heading in your direction, then get on board! This free service can only be made possible with the sponsorship received from our community.

Together the combining of these campaigns will emphasize the overarching message – Arrive Alive, don’t drink and drive. Take the pledge, designate a driver and on New Year’s Eve, ride FREE.

This vital community service wouldn’t be possible without our giving sponsors:

Kirk Motors NAPA, Britcay, Pestkil, Blackbeards, Island Electronics, CIBC First Caribbean, NRA, Davenport, Jacques Scott, DART, CUC, Himalaya,

Cayman National, NDC and Hurley’s Media


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