What are the qualities of a great website?

One of the most important marketing tools for your business is a quality website. From design, functionality to optimization, a “good’ website isn’t enough to break through and convert users into engaged customers that keep coming back for more.  So, what makes a GREAT website? Well designed and functional  Your website is a direct reflection […]

How can LinkedIn Increase my B2B leads?

If you work in B2B, LinkedIn is undoubtedly an essential tool to generate leads and grow your business.  There are 722 million members on LinkedIn in over 200 countries and regions around the world. These users are professionals from any and every industry and are using the platform for professional purposes. Even with a diverse […]

Thanksgiving ads that have us coming back for seconds

It’s officially been one week since Thanksgiving, the All-American holiday that sometimes gets overshadowed and under commercialized by it’s not so distant cousin, Black Friday. The annual holiday is overflowing with marketing opportunities that often get missed out on, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite Thanksgiving ads of all time. Stove Top […]

Five tips to successfully market your business at a trade show

What if we told you there was an opportunity to promote your brand or services to a room full of people already interested in the industry your business is in? You’d think it is an opportunity too good to miss, right? Hurley’s Media will be hosting the fourth annual Builders Expo on 20 February, 2021 […]

How to formulate your 2021 marketing and advertising budget

Building a successful company almost always involves successfully marketing your products, services or brand/s. One of the best ways to make sure that your marketing money is being well spent is to develop a comprehensive and structured marketing strategy in advance.. Following a well-defined plan will help ensure you are spending your marketing funds wisely  […]

Spooky Halloween campaigns that will make your skin crawl

Halloween isn’t just a holiday where people dress up and go trick-or-treating, it’s also a great time for marketers to engage consumers with spooky marketing campaigns. In fact, October is an ideal marketing month with nearly 40 percent of consumers kicking off their holiday shopping.  Over the past few years, many brands have created commercials […]

The Power of Live Reads

When it comes to radio advertising, there are various ways in which you can place your advertisements, one of which is live reads. A live read is usually a script or list of bullet points that are provided to a radio station’s on air talent who then read the script (or create a script based […]

Five benefits of cinema advertising

With the reopening of the Camana Bay Cinema, many businesses in Cayman are integrating cinema advertising into their marketing strategies to further enhance and elevate their brand.  Cinema advertising is a great way to put your brand in front of a seated and captive audience. It is a powerful form of advertising as cinema commercials […]

4 steps to ensure live radio endorsements are effective for your brand

Radio is a powerful advertising channel that offers rich targeting, huge reach and influence on purchase decisions. Using a radio endorsement can help take your marketing to the next level. Radio, with its human voice to convince, can be used to persuade and influence listeners. Hurley’s Media radio personalities are well-known in our community and […]

TV ad spend expected to grow for the 2020 election cycle

TV advertising remains one of the most popular and influential mediums for advertising, and continues to redefine its importance with massive reach and familiarity as a trusted source to obtain news and entertainment.  TV ads are more trusted and more likely to influence purchases than any other advertising medium. In fact, in the USA 60% […]